Luisetti - BRASSICA


  • Rapid establishment with first grazing 6-8 weeks. Can be grazed 3-4 times depending of climatic conditions and severity of grazing.
  • Spring sown crops perform best in summer rainfall areas or under irrigation.
  • Suited to sheep, beef and deer finishing systems.


  • Quick establishment allows multiple grazings with quick recovery.
  • No ripening period required, with enhanced non bolting characteristics.
  • Suited to medium/high fertility soils.
  • Requires moisture in summer to achieve potential yield.


  • High yielding forage brassica suited to all classes of livestock.
  • Ideal for where high quality summer/autumn forage is required.
  • Can be first grazed 6-7 weeks after establishment.
  • Will persist to expectations with controlled grazing.