Intimidator™ Forage Oat – new forage oat

»» Bred in Oregon, USA specifically for forage production

Suitable for multiple uses in New Zealand farming systems:

  • Early to late winter grazing when sown from February to May
  • Harvested for green silage in early spring when sown in autumn – an ideal fit between successive maize crops
  • Harvested for hay, green-chop silage or whole-crop silage in spring or summer when sown in winter or spring

Outstanding feature is its capacity to produce superior yields quickly:

  • High yields in paddock-scale test crops in New Zealand
  • Yielded significantly more than Milton and Coronet forage oats (22% and 17% respectively) in a spring-sown replicated field trial in Canterbury

Produces a high quality forage that is consistent with its growth habit:

  • Tall upright plant with large stems, long wide leaves, a high leaf to stem
  • ratio, and medium maturity
  • Quality is not compromised by its high yield
  • Yield and quality may be enhanced by mixing it with a forage legume that has a compatible maturity such as Flex peas when sown in the spring
  • Very good frost tolerance because of its large stems, and grows well in cool conditions
  • Has the ability to regrow after grazing